Bio of Producer Mark R. Miller

Mark MillerEntrepreneurial from a very young age, Mark has learned much from his father who had himself owned several small businesses as early as High School, and had later worked his way from sales to CEO and part owner of a large commercial printing company.   Although a debilitating automobile accident weeks prior to college graduation left his plans for Naval Aviation unfulfilled, Mark brings his whatever-it-takes attitude and work ethic to business development and client services.  Mark’s thirst for knowledge and passion for sharing what he knows with others has helped foster lasting relationships in many areas, including entrepreneurial and financial services.  Mark has held many leadership roles and has developed a knack for troubleshooting and finding improvements to existing plans, as well as designing and implementing others from scratch.

Mark has been a producer with Integrity Financial Concepts since early 2009.


  • Mark is happily married to his bride of over 15 years, Tami, (an accountant and E.A. with a small CPA firm) and together, they have two young daughters.
  • Mark is on the board of directors for Vancouver Dance Theatre.
  • Mark is a regular volunteer at his daughters’ elementary and middle schools.
  • Mark is also a pilot and Certified Flight Instructor and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Phone: 360.597.0400

Email: mark@integrity-fc.com