First Things First

First Things First


Why would you look at us and if you did, where would we start? 


A doctor can’t offer treatment before he knows the illness, and we can’t offer sound advice if we don’t know what you want to accomplish or where you’re at.  Before we make any recommendations, we will sit down with you and find out your individual needs, goals, and desires.  We will also complete a needs and resources analysis. Our team then goes to work to find the best possible solutions to meet your needs and wishes, while looking for the most cost-effective ways possible to achieve them.  We then get back with you to present options and possibilities, even if that means recommending staying with your current plan, (as much as we would like to, we can’t win ‘em all).

Most products we offer carry NO management fees. We do not charge consulting fees, so you never have to worry about the meter running while we answer your questions, evaluate your current plans, or help you build for your future and provide for your loved ones.  Our no-fee approach also eliminates any temptation to perform unnecessary services or “run up the clock” on the work we do.  It is therefore critical that we build our business on friendship and trust, so we may find the right products to suit your needs.  We believe the best payments we can receive are enthusiastic referrals from those we serve.

Our primary goal is to get to know clients on a personal level.  This allows us to earn their trust and get to the heart of what they really need. That is also what allows us to fit the right product, from the right company, for the right reason. It’s not about us; it IS about you, your family and your business.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

That being said, here is what we are NOT: Attorneys, CPA’s, Tax Experts (but we do have trusted and outstanding contacts in those fields should you need one).